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Let it Snow is a collection of three separate but interconnected holiday stories.  Maureen Johnson wrote The Jubilee Express, about Jubilee Dougal, a sweet girl with a perfect boyfriend.  With her perfect Christmas Eve about to begin, her parents are arrested for being part of a riot to get Flobie holiday village pieces, and Jubilee is whisked onto a train bound for Florida, but the biggest snowstorm in 50 years is upon her and the train crashes and strands her in a waffle house in a strange town with a heartbroken boy named Jeb and a team of cheerleaders hyped up on caffeine.  When a charming stranger offers to put her up for the night, she finds that hiking through the night in 4 feet of snow can end up not so bad after all, especially if it has an unexpected fairytale ending!

            John Green wrote A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, about three friends, Tobin (guy), JP (guy) and The Duke (girl.) are stuck with nothing to do.  When they get a call from their friend, Don-Keun, who works at the local Waffle house.  He tells them that there is a team of cheerleaders who are hyped up on caffeine and are doing splits on the counter and pyramids on the tables.  So begins the adventure of the three friends as they brave the snowstorm, concur 5 foot high snowdrifts and walk miles in the four-foot deep snow to get to the waffle house in time.  But, throughout the adventure in the snow, Tobin and The Duke are slowly but steadily drawn together.  Who knows what sort of sweet, romantic secrets lie deep in the snow or wait at the waffle house? 

            Lauren Myracle wrote The Patron Saint of Pigs, about Addie, a desperate, hopeless, heartbroken girl with a crazy early shift at the Starbucks.  Already feeling bad about being dumped by her boyfriend, Jeb, she makes things even worse by forgetting to pick up a teacup piglet for her best friend Tegan.  With crazy things happening, Addie feeling sorry for herself, and being on a wildgoose chase for a tiny pig without a car makes for a fun story with a great ending that really ties all three of the stories together.  This book is a fun, easy read, and I would highly recommend adding it to your winter reading list!


I give this book 5 out of 5 bookmarks!


Reviewed by: Austen A. 


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