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Savvy is an interesting book, full of adventure, super powers, coming of age, and first kisses!  Mississippi Beaumont or Mibs is about to turn 13, as if becoming a teenager isn’t scary enough, 13 is when people in her family get their savvy or super power.  Her grandpa moves mountains, her mother is the definition of perfection, one brother creates electricity, and another causes mind boggling storms.  With things like that to live up to, Mibs is definitely in for a big journey, but, just a few days away from her big day, her dad is in a horrible accident and now, all Mibs wants is a power that can save her Poppa, and she is so sure that she’s get that power that she sneaks onto a delivery bus with her siblings and the local preacher’s kids along for the ride.  But then the bus starts to go in the opposite direction and everyone on board are definitely in for a fantastical adventure!  While hiding from the bus driver, and running from the cops, Mibs discovers her very own savvy.  But will it be enough to save Poppa or will the whole journey have been for nothing?  This was definitely something different than what I usually read, but it was definitely refreshing!  My younger brother actually recommended it to me, so I don’t think I would even have read it without him, but I’m definitely glad that I did read it!  This extraordinary story is one of a kind!  A light, easy, and funny book that I think all girls and boys would definitely enjoy just as much as I did!   I think that if you give it a go and you’ll enjoy it!


I give this book 4 out of 5 bookmarks!


Reviewed by: Austen A.


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